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If you are planning to purchase new carpet for your home then this is the best website for you to learn how to make wise and informed decisions about what carpet to buy, where to buy it and how much to spend to get the best results to meet your needs, goals, lifestyle and budget. Carpet University


I truly wish that selecting the right grade of new carpet for your home could be a simple and easy task for you, but it is not, especially for those who have never purchased new carpet before. There are so many flooring retailers out there (wolves in sheep's clothing) waiting and hoping to take advantage of you.


Learn more: What to know about Carpet Salespeople.

The sad fact is... even if you have purchased new carpet many times in the past, choosing new carpet today is much more costly and way more confusing than ever before!


It's very easy to choose the wrong carpet, be scammed, overpay, and end up unhappy with your long-term carpet purchase results.


There are many so ways for homeowners to be scammed or duped into overpaying and end up paying a high-price for a low-quality carpet. You don't want to buy a carpet incapable of meeting your unique needs, goals, budget and lifestyle!



1. What is the level of foot-traffic in YOUR home? Learn more


  • Low- Two or fewer adult people, one small pet

  • Medium - Three adults, one child, one or two small pets

  • Moderate - Two adults, two children, two or more medium pets

  • Heavy - Two adults, more than two children, two or more larger pets

  • Do your pets have occasional or frequent wet accidents?


You MUST select the right grade of carpet that is designed to meet or exceed your long term expectations. If you don't have enough money to buy the grade of carpet you need, then you should consider doing your carpet project in two or more stages. Learn more.

2. How long do you want your new carpet to last?

    Three to 5 years? 5 to 7 years? 7 to 10 years? 10 to 15 years?

3. How many people live in your home?

4. Have children or pets?


What can go wrong you ask?

  • Choosing the wrong fiber type.

  • Not enough face-weight.

  • Pile height is too high.

  • Not enough pile density.

  • Carpet installed improperly.

  • Choose the wrong padding thickness or density.

After more than 30+ years in the carpet business I have unique knowledge and experience that I am happy to share with you free of charge. I have witnessed way too many carpet scams aimed at tricking unsuspecting homeowners out of their hard-earned money and that's the main reason why I created this free and unbiased carpet information website.


I can help you learn how to make wise and informed carpet choices and it won't cost you a dime, and help you avoid common carpet scams. However, you will need to read through all my free articles, take my free carpet foot-traffic test, and print out and use my free carpet buying forms and checklists to take advantage of all my free information.


I have been a consumer advocate since 1998 and I am committed to helping all homeowners select the right grade of carpet for your own unique situation.


Even after learning the secrets to buying new carpet wisely, you still need to buy from an honest and reputable flooring dealer. Since 2008, I have been compiling my own special list of locally owned and family run carpet dealers that I believe are the best of the best in the USA.

I currently have about 400 carpet dealers on my preferred list and am constantly in search of new reputable flooring dealers to add to my "List of Preferred Carpet Dealers" See who I recommend near you.


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